MEANING: noun: Not growing old, or looking younger than one’s age.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin agerasia, from Greek agerasia, from geras (old age), which also gave us gerontology. Earliest documented use: 1706.

NOTES: Do people tell you you look ten years younger than you really are? There’s chronological age, determined by when you were born, totally out of your control. Then there’s biological age (calculate it), which is how well you have aged, and it is quite likely up to you.

If you have ever wanted a word to describe that youthful look you have maintained from regular exercise, healthful eating, and conscientious living, your wish is granted. As for actually not growing old, you ask too much.

GERANIA - several plants with clusters of bright red/vermillion flowers

AVERASIA - to infer the existence of a large Eastern continent

AGORASIA - an oriental Greek marketplace