MEANING: noun: A glum expression or a person with such an expression.

ETYMOLOGY: From the time when Fridays were days of fasting. Earliest documented use: 1592.

NOTES: Today, most people look forward to Fridays (TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday), but it wasn’t always so. These days Friday means the weekend is near, but back when religion ran day-to-day life, in some religions a Friday was marked as a day of fasting or at least abstaining from meat. Hence, a Friday came to be associated with a gloomy face.

FRIDAY FARCE - what occasionally results from the office "casual Friday" dress code

FRIDAY FACT - In France, Friday is the traditional market day, and is thus called Vendredi: the French word for "to sell" is "vendre," as in English "vend" and "vendor."

FRIDAY LACE - one of seven, if you have a different pair of shoelaces for each day of the week