PRONUNCIATION: (in-di-FEE-zuh-buhl)

MEANING: adjective: Not subject to being revised, defeated, or annulled.

ETYMOLOGY: From in- (not) + defeasible, from Old French desfaire (to undo or destroy), from Latin dis- (apart, away) + facere (to do). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dhe- (to set or put), which is also the source of do, deed, factory, fashion, face, rectify, defeat, sacrifice, satisfy, Sanskrit sandhi (joining), Urdu purdah (veil or curtain), and Russian duma (council). Earliest documented use: 1548.

INDEFENSIBLE - can't be defended or supported

INDYFEASIBLE - Ya know, we just might do OK in this big auto race, come Memorial Day

SINDEFEASIBLE - this could be a good place to establish the India/West Pakistan border