PRONUNCIATION: (hy-puh-kuh-RIS-tik, hip-uh-)

MEANING: adjective: Relating to a pet name or diminutive form of a name.
noun: A pet name or diminutive form of a name.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek hypokoristikos, from hypokorizesthai (to call by pet names), from hypo- (under) + kor- (child). Ultimately from Indo-European root ker- (to grow), which is also the source of other words such as increase, recruit, crew, crescent, cereal, concrete, crescendo, sincere, and Spanish crecer (to grow). Earliest documented use: 1796.

HYPNOCORISTIC - putting the kids to sleep; lullaby-like

HYPOCHORISTIC - singing under your breath

THY POCO-RISTIC - your little flick of the hand