MEANING: noun:
1. The ideal qualifications of a knight: courtesy, honor, bravery, gallantry, etc.
2. The institution of knighthood, a group of knights, a gallant deed, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From Old French chevalerie, from chevalier (knight), from Latin caballus (horse). Earliest documented use: 1297.

NOTES: Chivalry sounds nice, but it hides a dark side. While pretending to treat women with courtesy, we also treat them as if they are less capable, in leadership, in intelligence, and so on. It took as late as 1919 for women to get the right to vote in the US, for example. As late as 2016, some people voted for an incompetent over a highly accomplished woman, because, in their view, a “man can do a better job than a woman”

[Also known as a "cavalier" attitude - and for good etymological reason...]

SHIVALRY - Code of the Streets: gangs agree - no guns, only knives during rumbles

CO-HIVALRY - when two bee colonies work together for mutual advantage (usually occurs when the respective Queens are twins)

CHIRAL-RY - inability to superimpose on one's mirror image. Think gloves.