PRONUNCIATION: (lat-i-tood-uh-NAY-ree-uhn, -tyood-)

MEANING: adjective: Holding broad and tolerant views, especially on matters of religion.
noun: One who is broadminded and tolerant, especially concerning religion.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin latitudo (breadth), from latus (broad). Earliest documented use: 1662.

PLATITUDINARIAN - one whose speech is peppered with inanities
(edit - Oops! Turns out that's a real word. "First use 1855" - wofa)

LATITUDINARIAT - a rope noose that gives its captives room to move

LATINUDINARIAN - fond of images of unclad women painted by Spaniards, which are uncommon due to the Church's disapproval; still there are Goya's Naked Maja,, and works by Velazquez and Picasso and others

LA TITUA IN ARIAN' - a recently-discovered Mozart opera, never yet performed

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