PRONUNCIATION: (bri-VIL-uh-kwens)

MEANING: noun: Speaking briefly and concisely.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin breviloquentia, from brevis (short) + loquentia (speaking), from loqui (to speak). Earliest documented use: 1656.

NOTES: So many choices when it comes to speaking. You might prefer short-windedness and be breviloquent or you can be talkative (loquacious). You can talk in your sleep (somniloquy, which is a special kind of soliloquy). You can even speak through your tummy, literally speaking (ventriloquism).

BRAVILOQUENCE - speaking great praise

OREVILOQUENCE - ignoring Wilbur when discussing the Wright brothers' invention of the airplane

MR EVIL O'QUENCE - that unpleasant Irish guy from County Quence

BREXILOQUENCE - Sorry, I decline to get involved in a political discussion