MEANING: noun:
1. A reckless, daring, swaggering adventurer.
2. A book, play, etc. dealing with such a character.

ETYMOLOGY: From swashbuckler (one who makes a noise by striking a sword on a shield), from swh (of imitative origin) + buckler (a small round shield), from boucle (a boss on a shield), from Latin buccula, diminutive of bucca (cheek). Earliest documented use: 1560.

U.S. WASHBUCKLER - a garbage scow that sank after ignominiously running aground near Jersey City and has't been heard from (or looked for) since

SLASHBUCKLER - uses as his concealed weapon a belt with a sharpened fastener

SWACHBUCKLER (or SCHWACHBUCKLER) - from German schwach (weak): someone who keeps his pants fastened loosely