MEANING: adjective: Sparing with words: concise or terse.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin Laconicus, from Greek Lakonikos, from Lakon, Laconian, a resident of Laconia, an ancient country in southern Greece (capital: Sparta). From the reputation of the Laconians for terseness. Earliest documented use: 1601.

NOTES: Two other toponyms are coined after the names of towns in Laconia: helot and spartan, which is coined after Sparta, the capital of Laconia.

LACONIC = like a city in New Hampshire (or Washington,, or Tennessee, or Indiana, or...)

L.A.CON, INC - organizes conventions in Los Angeles

ACONIC - a volcano that has blown its top

LACORNIC - typical of the humor delivered by an LACOMIC (you think it's easy getting a laugh out of a bunch of rich and jaded Hollywood stars?)