PRONUNCIATION: (ak-uh-ruh-FOE-bee-uh)

MEANING: noun:
1. An extreme fear of small insects.
2. A delusion that one’s skin is infested with bugs.
3. A fear of itching.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek acarus (mite) + -phobia (fear). Ultimately from the Indo-European root sker- (to cut), which is also the source of words such as skirt, sharp, scrape, screw, shard, shears, carnage, curt, carnivorous, excoriate, scrobiculate, hardscrabble, and incarnadine.

CAROPHOBIA - fear of caring for something (not necessarily an automobile)

AJAROPHOBIA - terror if in a room with the door open; the inverse of CLAUSTROPHOBIA

SCAROPHOBIA - afraid of being afraid