PRONUNCIATION: (TRAN-zi-tiv, -si-)

MEANING: adjective:
1. Relating to a construction in which an action passes to an object (e.g. a transitive verb).
2. Involving transition: intermediate, transitional.
3. Changeable; transient.
4. Concerning a relation such that if it holds between A and B, between B and C, it also holds between A and C.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin transire (to cross), from trans- (across) + ire (to go). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ei- (to go), which also gave us exit, transit, circuit, itinerary, adit, ambit, and arrant. Earliest documented use: 1571.


TRANSISTIVE - facilitating the passage of electrical current; compare "resistive"

TRAINSITIVE - partial to traveling by railroad

TRANSITHIVE - a company that will relocate bee colonies intact