PRONUNCIATION: (bar-BAY-doz, -dos, duhs)

MEANING: verb tr.: To forcibly ship someone to another place to work.

ETYMOLOGY: After Barbados, an island country in the Caribbean, formerly a British colony. Between 1640 and 1660 thousands of Irish people were sent by the British as indentured servants to work in Barbados and elsewhere in the Caribbean. The name of the island is from Portuguese/Spanish barbados (bearded ones). It’s not clear whether this refers to the people, the appearance of the dense vegetation, or something else. Earliest documented use: 1655.

PARADOS - two deuces, in a Guadalajara poker game

EARBADOS - musically raucous and out-of-tune

CARBADOS - 1. fusses made about dietary sugar and starch; 2. the prescribed amount of these nutrients