PRONUNCIATION: em-PIR-ee-uhn, -pye-REE-)

MEANING: adjective:
1. Relating to the highest heaven, believed to contain pure light or fire.
2. Relating to the sky; celestial.
3. Sublime; elevated.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin empyreus, from Greek empyrios (fiery), from pur (fire). Other words derived from the same root are fire, pyre, pyrosis (heartburn), and pyromania (an irresistible impulse to set things on fire). Earliest documented use: 1500. A synonym of the word is empyreal.

NOTES: This is where the idiom “to be in seventh heaven” (a state of great bliss) comes from. In many beliefs, heavens are a system of concentric spheres, the seventh heaven being the highest and a place of pure bliss.

EMMYREAN - TV-award-winning

EMPTYREAN - totally devoid of substance. Sometimes synonymous with EMMYREAN, above

AMPYREAN - describing hoity-toity electricity