MEANING: noun: The response to a rebuttal.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin sur- (over, above) + rebuttal, from rebut (to refute), from Old French rebouter (to push back), from boute (to push). Ultimately from the Indo-European root bhau- (to strike), which also gave us refute, beat, button, halibut, buttress, and prebuttal. Earliest documented use: 1889.

NOTES: It all starts with the verb butt (to strike or push), which leads to rebut (to refute), which, in turn, leads to surrebut, and so on. The English language has enough prefixes that you can continue this back and forth forever. There’s also surrejoinder, a reply to a rejoinder. Also see hemidemisemiquaver.

SOURREBUTTAL - "Oh yeah? Well, your mudder wears Army boots!"

SUBREBUTTAL - Catalina aircraft and Radar and Destroyers with depth charges

SUCREBUTTAL - cellulite in your rear end from eating too much sugar