PRONUNCIATION: (TAL-is-man, -iz-)

MEANING: noun:
1. An object, such as a stone, believed to have occult powers to keep evil away and bring good fortune to its wearer.
2. Anything that has magical powers and brings miraculous effects.

ETYMOLOGY: From French or Spanish, from Arabic tilasm, from Greek telesma (consecration), from telein (to consecrate or complete), from telos (result). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kwel- (to revolve), which also gave us colony, cult, culture, cycle, cyclone, chakra, collar, col, and accolade. Earliest documented use: 1599.

TALI-MAN - a banana-counter

TALESMAN - a story-teller (see also TALKSMAN)

ALI'S MAN - Cassius Clay's valet