PRONUNCIATION: (in-EF-uh-buhl)

MEANING: adjective: 1. Incapable of being expressed: indescribable.
2. Not to be expressed: taboo.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin in- (not) + effari (to speak out), from ex- (out) + Latin fari (to speak). Ultimately from the Indo-European root bha- (to speak), which also gave us fable, fairy, fate, fame, blame, confess, and infant (literally, one unable to speak), apophasis, and confabulate. Earliest documented use: 1450.

INEZFABLE - a short parable with a moral, written by the Aztec scribe Inez

INEFFABLUE - very sad but can't explain why...

ONE-FFABLE - eligible for Selective Service classification 1-FF