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There is a hawk, my favorite raptor, which visits my feeders
daily (12).

And also an owl with a 3 foot wingspan.

This is the last posting. How can you miss three posts

Remember that the last word of a sentence has to be the same as the first word of the next. So we have:

Smiled, read the wall poster, when it should have read 'smiling'. (11)
Smiling with eyes only is not best way to encourage returning guests. (12)
Guests in nests, fonder of pests, rarely feel tense or bother making cents. (13)
Cents or pence, hidden in vents, are safe from thieves who can come anywhence. (14)
Anywhence words may travel, it is fair to say, my ignorance is sure to unravel. (15)

So I can't see where the sentences in the above quote box fit in. confused