PRONUNCIATION: (hem-ee-dem-ee-SEM-ee-kway-vuhr)

MEANING: noun: A sixty-fourth note.

NOTES: It’s a long word about the shortest note in music. For another example of prefixes gone wild, see preantepenultimate (fourth from the last).

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek hemi- (half) + French demi- (half) + Latin semi- (half) + quaver (an eighth note), from Middle English quaveren (to shake or tremble). Earliest documented use: 1853.

HE.MADE.MI.SEMI.QUAVER - what the Concorde pilot did when he flew over my big truck at supersonic speed

HEMI.DEMISE.MIQU-OVER - 1. half dead because of a bad job of dubbing
2.half-dead because of a bad transformation

HEMI.DEMI.SEMI.QUAKER - my great-grandfather came from Lancaster, PA