MEANING: noun: Art objects that are gaudy or overly sentimental, designed for popular appeal.
adjective: Tawdry, tacky, sentimental.

ETYMOLOGY: From German Kitsch. Earliest documented use: 1926.

NOTES: What comes to mind when you think of kitsch? Here are some examples: a coffee mug in the shape of a pineapple, ceramic Santa Claus, plastic flamingos on a lawn, snow globes, popular religious iconography.

SKITSCH -- Lyle Russell Henderson - American composer, arranger, conductor. Married to Faye Emerson 1950-58

KIMSCH - an abbreviated traditional Korean fermented dish made of many different vegetable ingredients, textures, and seasonings depending on what part of the country it comes from (see here)

KATSCH - 1. a children's game played with a ball;
2. a fisherman's haul;
3. a hidden store of supplies or other goods;
4. money (as opposed to credit or other obligations)
5. n. or v. snag or interruption