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It's just you and me. You can go back to the previous
page and read the conversations or lack thereof.
I tire of the mumbo-jumbo the other two had with each
other, which left me out, as I did not know what they
were talking about. They both took it thin-skinned
and despite my apology, disappeared.

Thin-skinned? It's more accurately referred to as low platelets. Hope you got some good rest.

Did not miss you at all. I am not thin skinned or
low platelet=ed. Let's take our personal jibes at
each other to PM's and off the public thread .

Dear Sir,
Thrombocytopenia (low platelets) is something I have. I bruise easily and tend to bleed profusely when it's worse. All you bruised was my ego. It's wordplay. Thank you.

Yours Truly