MEANING: noun: 1. Vermilion color: bright orange-red. 2. Metal, such as silver, bronze, or copper that has been gilded.
adjective: Bright red in color.

ETYMOLOGY: The word is coined after insects (of genus Kermes) that are used to make red dye. From Latin vermiculus (little worm, kermes), diminutive of vermis (worm). Ultimately from Indo-European root wer- (to turn or bend), which also gave us wring, weird, writhe, worth, revert, universe, conversazione, divers, malversation, prosaic, versal, verso, and wroth. Earliest documented use: 1400

VERMEIN - rat meat with Chinese vegetables and noodles

OVERMEIL - where many a seduction takes place

VERMEIR - a Dutch painter of interior scenes of middle-class life, who went on to become Prime Minister of Israel