MEANING: noun: 1. Confusion. 2. Secrecy.
adjective: 1. Confused. 2. Secret.
verb tr., intr.: To keep secret or act in a secretive manner.
adverb: 1. Secretly. 2. Confusingly.

ETYMOLOGY: Of uncertain origin. Perhaps from reduplication of Middle English mokeren (to hoard or conceal). Earliest documented use: 1529.

HUGGER-MUGGLER - what the Malfoys objected to so fervently

CHUGGER-MUGGER - someone who goes through Toby Mugs of ale one after another

HUNGER-MUGGER - only a tiny fraction of Inner-City crime is done by this kind of perp


PS. For a really good read, enjoy Hugger-Mugger in the Louvre (if the Seine ever subsides) by Elliott Paul. (See here.)