I beat 'im again! And if I do it one more time it'll be a threefeat!



MEANING: adjective: Divisive; seditious; relating to or arising from faction.

ETYMOLOGY: From French factieux (seditious) and Latin factiosus (partisan), from facere (to do). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dhe- (to set or put), which is also the source of do, deed, factory, fashion, face, rectify, defeat, sacrifice, satisfy, Sanskrit sandhi (joining), Urdu purdah (veil, curtain), and Russian duma (council). Earliest documented use: 1527.

FACETIOUS - having many faces, like an elaborately-cut diamond (What, you were expecting some kind of tongue-in-cheek remark?)

FLACTIOUS - like a sycophant or toady or yes-man (or anti-aircraft fire)

FACTIOLUS - a tiny bit of truth