MEANING: noun:
1. A coarse cloth of jute, flax, etc., used for making sacks.
2. A garment made of this cloth, worn to express remorse, humility, grief, etc.
3. An expression of penitence, mourning, humility, etc.

ETYMOLOGY: From the Bible in which wearing of sackcloth and sprinkling of ashes is indicated as a sign of repentance, mourning, humility, etc. Earliest documented use: before 1400.


Is "epithet" when one word is almost always associated with another, like "rosy-fingered / dawn" in Homer? I've never heard of "Sackcloth" when it wasn't followed by "and ashes"...

SACKCLOTH - 1. Hoity-toity name for sheeets

and in the same vein (so to speak)
SACKCLOTS - pulmonary thromboemboli from too much bed rest
SACKSLOTH - major-league couch potato

BACKCLOTH - what the shirt is made of that I'd give you off mine