MEANING: verb tr.: To remove someone from one’s list of online friends.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin de- (from, away) + friend, from Old English freond. Ultimately from the Indo-European root pri- (to love), which also gave us free, Friday, and Sanskrit priya (beloved). Earliest documented use: 2004.

NOTES: The first use of the word ‘defriend’ in the Oxford English Dictionary is from 2004. In contrast, the first use of the word ‘befriend’ goes all the way to 1559. It took us another 100 years to ‘unfriend’ someone -- 1659. The verb ‘to friend’ goes way back to 1225. Finally, the noun ‘friend’ is attested in Old English (c. 450-1150).]

DEFIEND - exorcise

DOEFRIEND - Bambi's momma

DERRIEND - horse's a** can't make up his mind whether he's French or English