MEANING: noun:
1. The hymn of the Virgin Mary in Luke, 1:46-55.
2. An utterance of praise.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin magnificat (magnifies), the first word of the Latin version of the hymn that opens with Magnificat anima mea Dominum (My soul magnifies the Lord), from Latin magnus (great). Ultimately from the Indo-European root meg- (great), which is also the source of magnificent, maharajah, master, mayor, maestro, magnate, magistrate, maximum, magnify, mickle, mahatma, magnanimous, magisterial, magnifico, majestious, and hermetic. Earliest documented use: before 450.

MAGNIFICT - an epic lie

MAGNITICAT - Rub it against a glass rod and it'll stick to the wall

MUGNIFICAT - What a beautiful face !