MEANING: adjective: Counterfeit or spurious.
noun: An alloy of zinc and copper, used as imitation gold in jewelry.

ETYMOLOGY: After watchmaker Christopher Pinchbeck (1670-1732), who invented it. It’s ironic that today his name is a synonym for something counterfeit, but in his time his fame was worldwide, not only as the inventor of this curious alloy, but also as a maker of musical clocks and orreries. The composition of this gold-like alloy was a closely-guarded secret, but it didn’t prevent others from passing off articles as if made from this alloy... faking fake gold!

PINCHBACK - what you should do to the rhododendrons after they finish blooming (see "deadheading")

PINCHNECK - a Vulcan maneuver to disable one's opponents without causing permanent harm

PUNCHBECK - what a kid does in a Brooklyn schoolyard when someone hits him