PRONUNCIATION: (SAK-uh-rin, -REEN, -ruhn, -ryn)

MEANING: adjective: Excessively sweet, sentimental, or ingratiating.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin saccharum (sugar), from Greek sakkharon, from Sanskrit sarkara (gravel, sugar). Earliest documented use: 1674.

NOTES: The name of the synthetic sweetening compound, saccharin, is derived from the same Latin word as today’s term. The compound was first produced in 1879, but the usage of the word saccharine goes much earlier. For example, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in 1841:
“One might find argument for optimism in the abundant flow of this saccharine element of pleasure in every suburb and extremity of the good world.”


BACCHARINE - orgiastic

SACCHORINE - fire the singer!

SACCHARMINE- a bag of soft toilet paper