MEANING: noun: An employee who works as an entrepreneur within an established company, having the freedom to take risks and act independently.

ETYMOLOGY: A blend of intra- (within) + entrepreneur, from French entreprendre (to undertake), from Latin inter- (between) + prendere (to take). Ultimately from the Indo-European root ghend-/ghed- (to seize or to take), which also gave us pry, prey, spree, reprise, surprise, osprey, prison, impregnable, impresa, pernancy, and prise. Earliest documented use: 1978.


INTRAPRETEUR - a translator so my multiple personalities can understand each other

INTRAPYRENEUR - a Basque businessman with customers in both France to the North and Spain to the South

ISNTRAPRENEUR - a risk-aversive would-be innovator. See also AINTRAPRENEUR [substandard]