MEANING: verb intr.:
1. To sprout or breed.
2. To swarm or teem.
3. To increase rapidly.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin pullulare (to sprout), from pullulus, diminutive of pullus (chicken, young animal), from Latin pullus (young animal). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pau- (few, little), which is also the source of few, foal, filly, pony, poor, pauper, poco, puerile, poltroon, punchinello, and catchpole. Earliest documented use: 1602.

PULLUWATE - do at least your share

PULLULATER - Sorry, kids, we can't go sledding until this afternoon

PULLUPLATE - remove stuck dentures; can refer tp uppers or lowers, depending on how you pronounce it PULL-U-PLATE or PULL-UP-LATE