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MEANING: noun: An old, worn-out horse.

ETYMOLOGY: From Rocinante, the name of Don Quixotes horse. Don Quixote took four days to think of a lofty name for his horse, from Spanish rocn (an old horse: nag or hack) + ante (before, in front of). Earliest documented use: 1641.


ROSSINANTE - what Gioachino was called until he wrote the William Tell Overture and became famous
May - that's basically the same principle as yours !

ROSINANTE - what the poker game did when the stakes went up

ROSINANCE - how a violin bow makes such a luscious, rich, beautiful sound

Ha! Those damn tourne potatoes and Escoffier. Years ago at JW I got in trouble for turning Boccoli Polonaise into broccoli alla May. Ah, to be a Rosinante or a Rossini....