MEANING: verb tr.:
1. To bring up undigested food through the mouth.
2. To repeat something without understanding it.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin regurgitare (to overflow or flow back), from re- (again) + gurgitare (to flood), from gurges (whirlpool). Earliest documented use: 1578.


REGURGILATE - symptom of heavy-metal poisoning; you don't feel bad until many hours after ingestion. Watch out for it at the company picnic if they serve lemonade out of a galvanized iron trash can, even if it's never been used before (the acid in the lemonade dissolves the zinc coating on the can...and you drink it)

REGURGITAT - a cruel fraternity prank: a tattoo with special ink that makes you toss your lunch

REGUGGITATE - to form a new art conglomerate by merging a famous NYC museum with a renowned London gallery