MEANING: noun: A powerful, hostile guard.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin, from Greek Kerberos. Earliest documented use: 1386.

NOTES: Cerberus (also Kerberos) was the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to Hades, the infernal region in classical mythology. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to put a slice of cake in the hands of their dead to help pacify Cerberus on the way. This custom gave rise to the idiom “to give a sop to Cerberus” meaning to give a bribe to quiet a troublesome person.
Cancerbero (from Spanish can: dog) is one of the Spanish terms for a goalkeeper in fútbol (football). Kerberos is the name given to an authentication protocol for computer networks.

ACERBERUS - given to tossing out sharp-tongued witticisms

CARBERUS - pertaining to old-time fuel-injection systems

CURBERUS - Big-box chain of stores that sell Pooper-Scoopers and other pick-up-after-your-dog supplies