MEANING: noun:
1. The fundamentals of any subject.
2. The branch of grammar dealing with inflections of words.
3. A book of fundamentals of a subject.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin accidentia (from Latin accidens), from accidere (to happen), from ad- (toward) + cadere (to fall). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kad- (to fall), which is also the source of cadence, cascade, casualty, cadaver, chance, chute, accident, occident, decay, recidivism, perchance, casuistry. Earliest documented use: 1434.

OCCIDENCE - fundamentals of Western thought

ACCEDENCE - capitulation (pron.. ak-SEED-ence)

ACCIDENCH - Judi the Woodcutter

ACCIDUNCE - 1. unintended stupidity; 2. the latest Darwin Award winner