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I'd like to tap the creative minds on this board for an ear-catching company name. Here is a description of the company:

This company will design, manufacture and (maybe) distribute lighting products for residential and commercial use. These products will be based on a form of clean, green, energy-efficient technology not currently available in any lighting market.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Really... How can an "end of the line" light product get its energy source from what you claim will power it?

First, you'll have to install those "special wall outlets," right next to the AC outlets and then pray until you see the light.

Maybe get a bunch of saints with those glowy things around their heads. If it takes off, have the Pope name about a bazillion new saints. Come to think of it, anyone named a saint would have their own headlight and wouldn't have a need for your product.

And what in the world is not residential or commercial? Those two cover about everything on the planet except North Korea, Outer Mongolia and that creepy dude who lives across town on Bicycle Graveyard Lane.