Top definition on Urban Dictionary by Muggus on December 12, 2003


"One with the ability to effortlessly string together words, no matter their actual meaning, in an instance and in such a way it brings a smile to the faces of those listening, sometimes often laughter or tears of admiration for having heard someone with such an amazing skill.

Often one to spawn many a catch phrases or wicked new taunts and subtle insults, as well as song lyrics, raps and strange and often disturbing stories that make little sense.

The wordsmith's job is to make up bullshit on the spot."

Cowboy Monkey cocks his head a few times while listening to this explanation. Left then right, until the human sits quite. Eyes lock...Primate on primate...not really a monkey. Monkeys are throwbacks, morons with tails. He's a chimpanzee, a chimp's chimp, and voices agreement the only way he can...WHOOO-WHOOO-WHOOO-WHOOO-WHAAAAAAAAAA!

Same maniacal laughter Cowboy Monkey does when he's watching I Love Lucy reruns and smoking a Cuban cigar. Or for that matter, while drowning a cat in the swimming pool.