I just realized the Hogmaster is a girl. That makes this sounder of swine a matriarchal sounder. Sounder is the name of a group of mature pigs.

Pigs are very social; they form close ties to one another and are comforted by the close proximity of other pigs. They are extremely intelligent and gregarious, communicating with each other constantly through a complex vocabulary of oinks, grunts and squeals. Most pigs are peaceful and rarely show aggression unless they perceive a threat. Contrary to their reputation, pigs are very clean. Even very young pigs relieve themselves in an area far away from where they lie down and sleep.

And they're screwed because they taste great.

We almost hit hogzilla at night. Seen a 500 pounder before and this one was probably 700 pounds. Black and standing in the opposite lane. Riding low in a small car, time slowed. Thing was eye-level with me as we passed doing sixty. Would have done some damage.

They grow big around nuclear sites in the South where little hunting is done. Wild hog meat, especially the sows, looks like and taste like exquisite roast beef.

Worked with a hog-calling man some years back. He and his family were on the Jay Leno show... What a hoot...and holler.

The shirt he wore to the show, not allowed to wear it. Too close to what Leno would have on so Leno loaned him one of his. Told him, "I want it back."

When the audience erupted with this champion hog-calling family going at it, Leno about rolling on the floor, he pointed at the dude, "THE SHIRT IS YOURS!"