MEANING: noun:
1. A native; an aborigine.
2. Something, as a rock, formed or originating in the place where found.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek autochthon (of the land itself), from auto- (self) + chthon (earth, land). Ultimately from the Indo-European root dhghem- (earth), which also sprouted human, homicide, humble, homage, chamomile, exhume, inhume, chthonic, disinter, chameleonic, and Persian zamindar (landholder). Earliest documented use: 1538. The opposite of this term is allochthon.


AUTOHTHON - the Daytohna 5000

AUTOCHRHON - a self-winding watch

AUROCHTHON - (obs) a prolonged race of ancient cattle-like creatures, exhausting them so severely they became extinct. (That was the end of the race of ancient cattle-llke creatlures)