noun: One having a tendency to exaggerate or lie.
adjective: Having a tendency to exaggerate or lie.

ETYMOLOGY: From Greek mythos (myth) + -mania (excessive enthusiasm or craze). Earliest documented use: 1954.


[Why do I keep trying to pronounce that " mith-OM-in-ee" ?? ]

MYTHOMiNE - a lisper's love song to his girlfriend

MYTHOMAINE - any of several Tall Stories about a stereotypical taciturn, sardonic, dry-humored inhabitant of the North-Eeasternmost U.S. state. Typical of the genre is
-- Texan, tryng to impress visiting Maine resident: My ranch is...well, let's just say I can get in my truck and drive all day, and all night, and all the next day, and still be on my own land.
-- Our Hero: Ayup. I used to have a truck like that, too.