PRONUNCIATION: (lit-uhr-uh-TUR, lit-ruh-)

MEANING: noun: An author of literary or critical works.

ETYMOLOGY: From French littérateur, from Latin litterator (teacher of letters, grammarian, critic), from litterae (letters, literature), from littera (letter). Earliest documented use: 1806.


LITTERATOUR - See the junkyards of the world!

LITTERANTEUR - Templeton, the rat from Charlotte's Web for whom "a Fair is a veritable smorgasbord." Portmanteau word, from "litter" and "restauranteur."

LISTERATEUR - shared a combined Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work on germ theory and antisepsis. (Or would have, if there had been a Nobel Prize when they were active)

Strange how many of this week's words are of European origin. English for all its richness is not yet the language of the Arts...