MEANING: noun:
1. A set of propositions used to explain some aspect of the natural world, one that has been repeatedly tested and confirmed and widely accepted. For example, Einsteins theory of relativity or Darwins Theory of Evolution.
2. The body of principles belonging to a field. For example, music theory.
3. A speculation.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin theoria, from Greek theoria (contemplation), from theoros (spectator), from theorein (to consider, look at), which also gave us theorem and theater. Earliest documented use: 1597.


THEERY - belief that it's all about you (compare OTHERY, the belief that it's all about them)

SHEORY - after I've consumed enough of it, my speech impediment doesn't bother me so much

THE WORY - concern that some new observation may show your favorite hypothesis to be incomplete, or (worse yet) wrong