PRONUNCIATION: (JEN-tl-manz uh-GREE-muhnt)

MEANING: noun: An agreement that's based on honor and not legally binding.

ETYMOLOGY: From the idea that a gentleman (a civilized man of good standing) will honor an agreement he has entered. Earliest documented use: 1821.


De-emphasized by Anu is that the agreement often involved the unspoken understanding that you would not sell your house, or admit into your club, or whatever other activity you wanted to keep exclusive, any Jew, or Negro, or Catholic, or whatever other group you preferred not to associate with. The theme was explored at some length in the 1947 novel and movie by that name. See here.



PRONUNCIATION: (JEN-tl-manz uh-GREE-muhnt)

MEANING: noun: A disagreement that's based on honor and not legally binding.