MEANING: noun:
1. Anything requiring blind sacrifice.
2. A massive relentless force, person, institution, etc. that crushes everything in its path.

ETYMOLOGY: From Hindi jagannath (one of the titles Krishna, a Hindu god, has), from Sanskrit jagannath, from jagat (world) + nath (lord). A procession of Jagannath takes place each year at Puri, India. Devotees pull a huge cart carrying the deity. Some have been accidentally crushed under the wheels (or are said to have thrown themselves under them). Earliest documented use: 1638.


JUGGLERNAUT - an entertainer who throws Indian clubs into the air and catches them again, all the while riding on a surfboard

JUGGERNUT - a fantastically devoted wind instrument player from the Ozarks

JUDGERNAUT - Prithee, do not impose your values upon that woman; she is not worthless.