MEANING: noun:
1. An abdominal organ serving to clean blood.
2. Bad temper.

ETYMOLOGY: From French esplen, from Latin splen, from Greek splen. Earliest documented use: 1300.

NOTES: In earlier times it was believed that four humors controlled human behavior and an imbalance resulted in disease. According to this thinking, an excess of black bile secreted by the spleen resulted in melancholy or ill humor. Also, spleen was considered to be the seat of emotions. To vent one's spleen was to vent one's anger.

an excess of black bile...resulted in melancholy

An interesting thought, that, since "melancholy" is exactly the Greek translation of "black bile:" melan- as in melanin or melanoma, and chole- as in cholecystitis = bile-sac-inflammation, i.e. of the gall bladder, which stores bile. Too much bile was also thought to cause cholera.

Be all that as it may -

SCLEEN - Arright, you can stop scrubbing it now

SPLAEN, pronounced "splane" -
1. verb: to make clear, as in "You don't have to splaen it to me any more..."
2. adjective: clear, as in "...It's splaen as day now!"