MEANING: noun:
1. A thick gruel.
2. Mire; mudhole.
3. An assistant to a ship's surgeon.
4. A pine tree with long needles and strong wood (Pinus taeda).
5. An evergreen, loblolly-bay (Gordonia lasianthus).

ETYMOLOGY: Apparently from lob (an onomatopoeic word representing the sound of bubbling while boiling) + lolly (an English dialectal word for broth, soup, etc.). The use of the word for mire or a mudhole is from the porridge-like consistency of the contents of mire or mudhole. The word came to be used for a medical assistant because he fed the patients. The trees received this name from their prevalence in swamp lands. Earliest documented use: 1597.


a. LOB/LOWLY - Throw me a slow one so I can hit it out of the infield!
b. LO/BLOWLY - How the boxer was hitting, which got him disqualified and lost him his bout

LOBDOLLY - Toss me my Raggedy Ann, please