MEANING: noun:
1. The front of a ship or a boat above the water; the bow.
2. The projecting front part of something, as a building.
3. Valiant.

ETYMOLOGY: For 1-2: From Middle French proue, from Old Italian dialect prua, from Latin prora. Ultimately from the Indo-European root per- (forward), which also gave us paramount, prime, proton, Czech prám (raft), German Frau (woman), and Hindi purana (old). Earliest documented use: 1555.
For 3: From Middle French prou, from Old English prud. Earliest documented use: 1350.


(since we're talking of words with more than one meaning...)

1. a line-up of chemicals arranged in order of their acidity (sometimes written pHROW)
2. a scam email trying to sell you a fake German wife