1. A state of rest.
2. Calmness.

verb intr.:
3. To lie down.
4. To lie dead.

verb tr.:
5. To lay at rest.
6. To place confidence in someone or something.
7. To put something somewhere.

For 1-5: From Latin repausare (to cause to rest), from re- (intensive prefix) + pausare (to rest), from pausa (rest). Earliest documented use: 1450.
For 6-7: From Latin reponere (to store up), from ponere (to put). Ultimately from the Indo-European root apo- (off or away) that is also the source of after, off, awkward, post, and puny. Earliest documented use: 1440.


REPOSSE - Saddle up yer hosses one more time, boys, we got to chase down and ketch them varmints agin

REPOSY (ant. of LACKADAISICAL) - replace the missing flower