MEANING: verb intr.: To cease resisting; surrender.

ETYMOLOGY: From Latin capitulare (to draw up under headings [the articles of agreement]), from capitulum (little head, chapter), from caput (head). Ultimately from the Indo-European root kaput- (head), also the origin of head, captain, chef, chapter, cadet, cattle, chattel, achieve, biceps, mischief, and occiput, (but not of kaput). Earliest documented use: 1537.


MAPITULATE - Apple and Google are still arguing about whose App to use to find places, but Google had a head start

CAVITULATE - you REALLY need to have the dentist take care of this

CAPITOLATE - the Senate session lasted until 11 PM, then they all had dinner

CAPITULATTE - OK, I give up, now gimme my coffee!