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Luke - did you ever stay away for a while, so that the first unread post on your screen when you come back is old, and you don't notice newer ones down below, maybe even on the next page and not on your screen at all? And you reply to what turned out to be an old post? Happens to me relatively often...

Yup, I have, especially when it is on the next page. When I post
it, I go and see my posting. If I find that others have posted
inbetween I delete it, or apologize, or strike through it. Some
people never check their posting even though it is a half hour
to one hour later than the previous one. This happens too
frequently to me to be mere coincidence . Doesn't everyong
preview their post, or check it out after posting. Maybe
everyone should, because certain ones definitely do not.
And as I say it happens to my posting far too often to
be mere coincidence.

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