vizard or visard


noun: A visor, mask, or disguise.

A variant of visor, from Anglo-French viser, from vis (face), from visus (sight), from videre (to see). Ultimately from the Indo-European root weid- (to see), which is also the source of guide, wise, vision, advice, idea, story, history, previse, polyhistor, invidious, hades, eidos, and eidetic. Earliest documented use: 1555.

"The birds wear floor-length costumes, and Princess Victoria actually comes from the Veneto, bearing a vizard (the beaked plague-doctor's mask)."
The ABC of Fabulous Princesses; Kirkus Reviews (New York); Dec 15, 2013.


VIZCARD - like a visa but you can swipe it to get in and out of countries.

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